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A/B Test for WordPress

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Download the plugin
  3. Tutorials and examples
  4. More information
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A/B Test for WordPress is a free plugin that makes it easy to set up and perform A/B split testing on any WordPress site. Also check out the plugin page at

See a video demonstration of the plugin (and see more tutorials)

You have the opportunity to test four types of content:

  • Content split test – you set up a number of variations and insert a code in your post, page, widget, or theme where you want the variations to be.
  • Stylesheet split test – you set up a number of different stylesheets to test, e.g. the color of ‘Read more’ or ‘Buy now’ buttons.
  • Javascript split test – you set up a number of different javascripts to test. This enables testing almost anything on your site.
  • Theme split test – you test between a number of themes.

Tracking goal completions:

  • Goal pages – you insert a goal completion code in your pages, posts, or widgets.
  • Link clicks – you track every click on a link, e.g. links to other sites.
  • Manual tracking – you track goals manually via javascript.

You have access to a number of options to measure your split tests:

  • Built-in measuring – use the built-in measurement statistics.
  • Custom measuring – use Google Analytics or another of your choice.

Download the plugin

Tutorials and examples

More information

Contact and support

You are always welcome to contact me but please use the support forum if you have any questions or need help.

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